Irmãos Moreiras

The company Irmãos Moreiras is a civil construction and public works company with a wide area of expertise, specialized in the realization of infrastructures, communication routes, exterior arrangements, construction contracts and rehabilitation. Also it is of its scope the extraction and commercialization of granites, as well as the production and commercialization of asphaltic concrete.

Irmãos Moreiras was born in 1983 from a very characteristic family structure, which continues to be a fundamental aspect of the company. Today, it has a solid technical and administrative team and its own independent financial capacity, being able to carry out any type of contract in a design/construction method.

With an approach centred on its clients, Irmãos Moreiras adapts its solutions to their specifics, guaranteeing proposals with the best value in financial terms, the best quality of constructive processes and the fulfilment of deadlines.

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vision and values


Irmãos Moreiras' vision is recognition for the quality of the services provided, being a prestigious reference in the construction sector. Our concern is to continually improve internal processes, ensuring the organization's efficiency.

Irmãos Moreiras believe that only the respect of a group of values common to all its professionals can catalyse the continuous growth of the company.





These values support or mission of building with consistency. Each and every work is undertaken with a deliberate bet in solutions adapted to our clients’ needs, by selecting the top materials and processes – always preserving longevity and quality.



The quality policy at Irmãos Moreiras is considered one of the main agents in the trust relation with its clients, suppliers and professionals.

Everyone’s objectives at Irmãos Moreiras is the permanent satisfaction of the necessities and expectations of our clients and stakeholders based on:

  • Reliability of the constructive processes;
  • Judicious choice of materials and suppliers;
  • Investment in the growth and qualification of its professionals;
  • Process optimization;
  • Full monitoring and client support.


It is our commitment to comply with all applicable requirements, namely legal, contractual and regulatory requirements, and to ensure continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, based on principles of rigor, efficiency and punctuality.


and certificates

Irmãos Moreiras has CE marking of all the asphalt and bituminous mixtures produced in its asphalt plant.

Over the years the company has received various awards, proving the quality of its works, as well as the trust and esteem of its clients.